about Me

Daring to be DIFFERENT is a burden, but so is а FREEDOM …
Freedom to be yourself.
My name is Polya and I draw.
It is a great honor for me to present you my art space, THANK YOU, to anyone who will be touched by my work now and in the future.

I ‘ve been drawing since I was a child. Then I stopped. For a long time. I started working a “responsible” job – far  from the field of art. Until the drawing came back almost imperceptibly. It crept slightly, like a joke six years ago, to re-establish itself seriously in my life.
 At first the colors started pouring  as pictures on textile. That’s how I became a craftsman.Then came the paintings and this self-contained online space.

I adore art in all of  its manifestations. I love to recreate things and places that carry a deep meaning, to transform folk elements from our symbolic rich past. I am influenced by the simplicity and elegance of Asian art.
I’m experimenting!
Thank you, to the teachers who have appeared in my life and to the friends who support me!


My applied works can be seen in:

  •  The online shop of Freeria, www.freeria.bg

You can see my paintings live at:

  • Gallery 15, 26 Solunska Street, Sofia

Links to publications about me in the media:

“The magic code in the Bulgarian embroidery” – bTV, “Before noon”